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Why SmoothCode



Our users take only 5 minutes to setup their app on Shopify. Skip the boiler plate code and focus on your business logic!



We are consistently keeping up with Shopify App development process and API upgrades so that you don’t have to.



Don't worry about security, our communication with your app happens over a secure key.

Skip the code, just select your Webhooks & Access Scopes

Receiving Webhooks has never been this simple. A couple of clicks, request permissions from the merchant and you're ready to go.


Build paid Shopify Apps using our Pricing Module

You can create pricing plans for your app on the UI and we will handle upgrades and downgrades for you

Track your App’s activity on Slack

Get instant Slack alerts when merchants perform certain actions. Allowing you to act fast when something important comes up.


Launch Public Apps

It's so easy, that we launched our own app.

Approval Time: 3 days

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