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Save precious time from building and maintaining your Shopify Apps. We'll handle things, while you grow business with peace of mind.

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Agency? App Developer? Non-technical founder? We support everyone at SmoothCode

You pick the language

Don’t compromise with programming languages that you’re comfortable with. Choose any language, as long as they can make API Calls.

Focus on growing your app

Building a successful App takes a lot of time and effort. Save hours on maintenance, and focus on scaling your App.

Smooth User Experience

We keep it simple at SmoothCode, our goal is help you setup and forget. It only takes a couple of clicks to setup any feature.

Save Time & Money

Build several custom apps and focus on providing faster service to your customers. Make Custom Apps profitable instead of breaking even.

Create a revenue stream

Agencies are experts in understanding the end-end eCommerce ecosystem. Build a public App that solves for millions of merchants and earn a stream of recurring revenue.

Forget about the API updates

Don't go through the pain of updating APIs for all the Custom Apps you've built. Focus on acquiring new customers and building your business, we'll update the APIs for you.

Save hours on dev time

Paying your developers by the hour? Save time & money by enabling your App Developers to focus on the core business logic.

Analytics for your app

Advanced App analytics that allow you to get insights into your app to help you make better decision.

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Easy to use features to help you set-up at lightning speed with no code at all ⚡

Webhooks & Access Scopes
Public and Custom Apps
Paid Apps
Slack Integration
User Interface

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Co-Founder, Leesaapp

We were able to integrate with Shopify using SmoothCode in a very short amount of time. SmoothCode hides away a lot of the low-level complexity of Shopify integration and lets you instead spend time on building the user-facing features. The team at SmoothCode is very responsive and helpful. If you are building for the Shopify ecosystem, we recommend SmoothCode 100%

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Don’t risk the process of getting your app rejected. We’ll help you get your app listed.

FoxSell took only 4 Days for the approval process.

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